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Books by Rylee

Books by Rylee is a collection of books for kids (and their adults) focused on education about disabilities, service dogs, and medical disorders. These books are designed to assist families address difficult topics, provide helpful skills, and educate. The goal of these books is to tell children with disabilities and disorders that they are not alone.

With your support, we can get these books into the hands of children who need them, at home, in classrooms, with educators, and in medical practices.

  • Options are available to donate books as well!

Why Was
Books By Rylee

Our books help empower people to advocate for themselves and others affected by invisible disorders. They also teach healthy and safe options to deal with the struggles that come with having these disorders.

Our Books

Articles and Media

Books by Rylee is fortunate to have found a community who believes in our mission to raise awareness. This reputation has led to them being featured in a number of different articles and media profiles, which you can explore for yourself below.

Don't Let RYLEE Fool You

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