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Book Information

Helping Paws

Polar Bear and Teddy Bear explain what it means to be a service dog. They even introduce you to four of their friends!

You’ll see how hard working and how different each service dog and their tasks are. The Helping Paws Pack will show you why it is so important to be left alone while working. Distractions can stop them from doing their really important jobs.

This book is a perfect educational tool! 


  • Comprehension level: Kindergarten Level Language

  • Picture Book 

  • It can be used for all ages

  • It is applicable to the laws in the US, UK, and Canada

  • Shows diversity of service dog breed, tasks, gear, and work locations 

  • It has female, male, and non-binary language gendered language


Join the Helping Paws Pack as they raise awareness and educate others on service dogs.

Every dog, uniform, and task in this book is real! You can even meet them at the back of the book!


Book Facts:

  • Dogs

    • 5 from the United States​

    • 1 from Canada

  • 5 Different Handlers (Humans)

  • Tasks these Service Dogs Provide

    • Seizure Alert​

    • Notification of Sounds 

    • Dangerous Fumes Detection

    • Self-Injury Interruption

    • Panic Attack Interruption and Grounding

    • Medication Reminder

    • Mobility and Balance

    • And so many more