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My Hidden Difference Makes Me Special

Relaunching with a New Title Page

July 27, 2021

Meet Anabel. She has an invisible disorder and is learning how to be herself. She explains how she stays brave and has a loving and caring support system. She hopes that other children with invisible disorders follow her lead and learn they are special too!

Target Group: Pre-School and Up
Reading Age: 8-10yo (or older)
Picture Book

My Hidden Difference Makes Me Special

Book Description

In this reassuring and educational picture book, Anabel relates to readers about learning how to deal with the emotions and uncertainties of having invisible disorders. 

Meet Anabel. She is different. Can you see Anabel’s difference? That’s because it’s invisible! 

Anabel is learning that her difference makes her special. She is learning what her limitations are, and when to ask for help. She wants you to learn with her. 

Her motto will help other children with invisible disorders understand that they get to choose what kind of person they are! 

“I need to learn what my body can and can’t do. I need to stay away from things that make me feel bad…Only I get to choose who I am! Not my invisible disorder…I am strong. I am a good friend. I like to have fun. I like to play. Being different on the inside doesn’t change any of that.” 

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