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Our Books

Our books help empower people to advocate for themselves and others affected by invisible disorders and/or trauma. They also teach healthy and safe options to deal with the struggles that come from their disorder or trauma.

Our Books: Work

March 16, 2021

Meet Anabel. She has an invisible disorder and is learning how to be herself. She explains how she stays brave and has a loving and caring support system. She hopes that other children with invisible disorders follow her lead and learn they are special too!

Target Group: Pre-School and Up

Reading Age: 8-10yo (or older)

Picture Book


April 15, 2021

Polar Bear and Teddy Bear explain what it means to be a service dog. They even have friends they want to introduce to the world! The only thing they ask, is to be left alone while working. Distractions can stop them from doing their really important jobs.

Target Group: Kindergarten and Up

Reading Age: 8-10yo (or older)

Picture Book

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est. release date: January 3 2022

For me, I trust my mom, my grandma, and my teacher. I call them my trusted trio because they’re the three people I trust most. In my trusted trio, I can tell any of my trusted adults anything. 

For me, the hardest thing is to talk about what I’m feeling. Sometimes I don’t even know how how I feel. Something might remind me of what I went through. But I know I can always turn to my trusted trio when I feel like this.

Target Group: Survivors of Abuse

Reading Age: 5th grade

Picture Book


October, 2021

Hi, I'm with the child advocacy center. We're professionals who work to keep you safe. I am going to tell you about some members of the team and what you will do when you visit the center.


Target Group: Child Advocacy Centers

Reading Age: 5th grade

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